Tobias – Queensbury, NY

I have not really been one for gym membership or working out in a place where others actually go to, but I felt so comfortable here.

Tara, the owner, is so warn and welcoming. She ensures that you are able to fit in with what you are working on, and takes time to talk with you, ask what your goals are and then suggests ways that you can improve and better build yourself to reach those goals.

Bootcamp with Earl Canale is awesome and if you are looking for a burn, this is the class to take.

I have not taken the Spin class, but I have close friends that have and Tara is a great instructor so I have to believe this is also true when they tell me it is a full body workout.

From what I understand there will be a Kick Boxing class, and possibly be Yoga. As FitCity adds and offers more, I can only believe that my wife and I have found out “Fitness Home”.


FitCity New York