Group Exercise Classes

FitCity offers a variety of group exercise classes for every fitness level.

Soul Cycle with Tara, Lauren or Betsy
Choreographed movements up and out of the saddle really reeve up your metabolism for a great caloric burn. Positions in sit, hover,
stand, as well as, push-ups and arm exercises create a full body workout. There is nothing like it. 1 Hour

Hybrid Spin with JoAnn
A hybrid of traditional spin and soul cycle, you'll get strength and cardio all in one. Interval training with hills and sprints, as well as, some choreographed pattern work out of the saddle. 1 Hour

Traditional Spin with Jenni
Traditional spin, with intervals, hills and sprints will work your cardiovascular health, along with endurance. A great class to start with before moving to a more advanced class.
1 Hour

30|20|10 with Jenni
This class has it all. Spin for 30 minutes, group strength training for 20 minutes and ab work and stretching for 10 minutes. 1 Hour

Body Sculpt with Tara & Brie
Strength training circuits targeting specific muscle groups, cardio, ab work and stretching. Feel the burn. 1 Hour

Jump Start to Healthy Living with Cherie and Victoria
Jump start your healthy living! Gain strength, balance and endurance with strength training and cardio circuits. Modifications make this class a great introduction to other classes offered. 1 Hour

Butt & Gutt with Tara & Suzie
Really target your "butt & gutt" with weight and full body training. 1 Hour

Boot Camp with Brie
Move through various stations of strength, body weight and cardio exercises to get a full body workout. 1 Hour

X-Fit with Suzie & Tara
A mixture of strength training, core work and cardio. 1 Hour

Group Fitness Schedule Fall 2017
Effective September 5, 2017 - December 15, 2017


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